About Me

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Dr. Guenter Engel 

My proposition is to strongly support you who are a customer in the electronics industry. I am an independent consultant with expertise in MLCC and their applications and in the field of power electronics. Apart from that, I offer also support for any kind of quality improvements issues, where I am very experienced. My recipe for success is to carefully listen to customers and then develop strategies to solve their problems.

Looking forward to a new challenge.


Important Project Participations:

INTEGRA (Feb. 2018 – today):

From www.projekt-integra.at: The project INTEGRA aims to achieve a volume and weight reduction in “High Speed Drives” for electric and hybrid vehicles by developing an integrated motor-gearbox. Research objectives take into account electrical, mechnical and thermal aspects.

  • electrical: control electronics with increase power density (up to 700W/inch³)
  • mechanical: high-speed gears with smaller volume by new fabrication methods
  • thermal: design optimisation of all structures with respect to thermal aspects.



My Professional History:

CeraCap Technology & Innovation Consulting
Senior Consultant, 2013 – today, Leibnitz, Austria, and

CeraCap Engel Private Limited Partnership (founded 2016)

Working as consultant and expert for the capacitor and passive components industry, for  applications and for research projects, some of which are funded.

A result of one of the projects was a new antiferroelectric composition for high capacitance power MLCC, with patent grants in US, Japan, China, and in EU. Projects for the Exploitation are under way.

Currently there is also work on new applications for this new material in the field of electrocalorics.


EPCOS OHG: Director of Multilayer Technology Development
1990 – 2013 (23 years), Deutschlandsberg, Austria

My responsibilities were in the fields MLCCs, varistors, thermistors and piezoelectrics, where I contributed through my expertise and my leadership paradigm, which is the empowerment of the staff. For MLCCs the quality improvements were notable, from 10 ppm down to 0,002 ppm level, with the main result to secure automotive customers for EPCOS over many years. For multilayer varistors, my team and I were able to introduce automotive grade multilayers with Ni barrier termination, which helped to gain worldwide market leadership for EPCOS. As the most challenging task, I was the responsible development director during the series production start of the piezoelectric multilayer ceramic injection stack for the then-new diesel injection system of Siemens (today Continental Corporation).

My most recent activity with a small team at EPCOS was the invention of the CeraLink of EPCOS, a new antiferroelectric MLCC with Cu inner electrodes, which has the potential to change paradigms in design of power electronic systems.

AVL: Research Team Leader
1978 – 1990 (12 years), Graz, Austria

Major contributions to development of crystal growth processes for GaPO4, to characterizations and to the development of an uncooled, miniaturized pressure sensor for internal combustion engine indexing procedure.

Invention and major contribution to establish GaPO4 as a new piezoelectric crystal for high temperature applications (see the company Piezocryst in Graz, Austria). GaPO4 was then the first crystal with the potential capability to measure indexing pressures in ICEs.



1979 – 1985 Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Dr. techn. (PhD), Technical Physics/Applied Physics

Thesis: Influence of Alpha-Beta Phase Transition Dynamics on Properties of Quartz-Homeotypic Crystals

1972 – 1978 Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Diplom-Ingenieur (MSc), Technical Physics

Master Thesis: Low Temperature Susceptibility of an Antiferromagnetic Spin Lattice